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Athletes & Sports Team Program

Unique Programs

Helping Athletes & Teams Succeed On & Off the Field


Athletes & Media Strategy Program

With the ever-changing media landscape and the demands of all sports stakeholders, athletes are under the spotlight more than ever.  The court of public opinion can have incredible impact, both positive and negative, on the success of an individual athlete, the team, the league and its sponsors.  For those who have a vested interest, the challenge has been protecting that image, reputation and investment.


We offer two unique programs to help athletes and teams achieve success both on and off the field.


SportsProTM is a diagnostic tool that identifies the character traits, attitudes and opinions of athletes and provides insight into maximizing the performance potential of the athlete.


SportsProTM Provides Detailed Feedback in the Following Areas:

  • Mental toughness

  • Competitiveness

  • Motivational structure

  • Team Orientation

  • Overcoming adversity

  • Social orientation

  • Self-confidence

  • Lifestyle management

  • Attitudes towards sports

SportsProTM is used worldwide by coaches, managers, scouts, recruiters, agents and sports psychologists and is supported by empirical data as a predictor of athletic success.


The Brand Within™ – Athletes Program takes the best-practice principles of The Brand Within™ and combines it with a clear strategy to ensure athletes ‘project’ the right image and maximize their branding potential before, during and after their career.  This innovative program aligns the athlete with the goals and objectives of the organization and provides a ‘same-page’ understanding for all stakeholders.   It’s not just the athlete’s reputation at stake – it can be an entire organization and community.

The success of any sports franchise is based on a common goal.  There’s little room for error with outside distractions and misaligned objectives.  The Brand Within™ - Athletes Program works with teams and talent to bring a clear understanding of that common goal and ensures that the ‘brand’ is portrayed in the best possible light.  



  • Branding 101 – How organizations create top brands

  • People Brands -  How to apply branding principles to create a more powerful “You”

  • 360 Feedback and Behavioral Analysis reports tailored to athletes

  • Comprehensive Media survey on ‘athlete and media interaction’


  • Creates a clear understanding of how ‘personal branding’ impacts every element of the work environment

  • Reinforces how ‘perception is reality’

  • Creates an understanding of the impact of ‘derailing your brand’

  • Shows the impact on how behaviors and actions can impact an organization and community

  • Creates a sense of accountability and ownership of one’s career

  • Reinforces the importance of  strong leadership principles
    Delivers tips and strategies on how to work with the media – not against them

  • Stresses how organizational success fuels personal opportunities



Coming soon The Coach WithinTM

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