Performance/Team Effectiveness Programs 


The Brand Within™ is a highly engaging half-day group session, one-day workshop or multi-session program offering tips and strategies on branding yourself to maximize opportunities and create value for you, your company and your customers.  

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The DNA of Highly Effective Teams - Imagine a team where the focus is on collective team results and team members hold each other accountable for performance.

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Principles of Self-Management - The Principles of Self Management training helps people become more effective self-managers in all aspects of their lives. Based on the book, "Principles of Self-Management", this program helps participants enhance their personal and professional well-being and improve the results they are getting in their lives. 

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The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team™ Building a high performing team can be challenging at the best of times.  But with technology racing toward us at warp-speed and the work environment in constant change, aligning your human capital with team strategy can seem like an uphill battle…it doesn’t have to be.

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Coaching Programs

Managing Effort: Getting Results is a performance coaching workshop for Executives, Directors, Managers and Front-line Supervisors.

This practical program is designed to help leaders and coaches improve performance and results through training, coaching and facilitating the development of their people as self-managers. It deals with the ultimate goal of management – the development of responsible, self-managing, individual performers.

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Leadership & Skills Coaching - The world’s top performers all have coaches.  Why? Because they all need support, feedback, guidance and a relationship outside of their environment that can provide insight and objectivity to achieve greater success.

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Excel and Exceed - Excel and Exceed is a customized one-on-one coaching program designed to maximize performance of your company’s greatest asset – its human capital.  This 3-month, 6-month or one-year tailored consultations provide your staff with the skills and strategies necessary to maximize their potential and excel in their role within your organization. 

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Talent Assessment

Talent Identification and Assessment - Identifying and assess talent is critical for success. Whether its attracting, recruiting, promoting or building a highly effective team with top performers, getting the right people in the right job is what separates good organizations from great ones. 

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