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Performance & Skills Coaching

The Stars of Tomorrow in Your Workforce Today

Performance & Skills Coaching

The world’s top performers all have coaches.  Why? Because they all need support, feedback, guidance and a relationship outside of their environment that can provide insight and objectivity to achieve greater success.

Great organizations value coaching.  They understand there is only so much time and knowledge internally that can dedicate the resources to talent development and external support can be highly beneficial.

More and more organizations are fast-tracking their human capital with assistance from coaching.  Whether it’s mid-level mangers, senior executives, or entry level positions with potential high achievers - coaching works.



  • Comprehensive analysis of individual or team's skills and talents based on findings from analysis tools and interviews with all key stakeholders

  • Confidential one-on-one meetings to develop, guide and execute a strategic plan to enhance performance and ensure career development

  • Comprehensive personality assessments, 360 feedback survey and organizational effectiveness resource tools available.

  • Coaching sessions available in-person or remote (phone, Webex, SKYPE)

  • On-going phone and e-mail correspondence in addition to one-on-one meetings

  • Coaching objectives include, but are not limited to, leadership development, leveraging strengths, developing weaknessess/growth opportunities, corrective behaviour, team effectiveness and succession planning.


  • Personalized coaching or team coaching program reinforces ‘special’ commitment from organization to individual

  • Immediate results in understanding self-management, self-awareness and leadership competencies

  • Strategic plan provides goals and objectives ensuring desired outcomes

  • Enhances performance and encourages growth in career development and organizational success

  • Leverages coachee's strengths

  • Addresses and resolves gaps in poor performance

  • Strong initiative program to retain talent

  • Excellent recruiting benefit for attracting talent

Executive Skills
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