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Excel and Exceed

One-on-One Coaching Designed to

Maximize Performance

Excel and Exceed

Excel and Exceed is a customized one-on-one coaching program designed to maximize performance of your company’s greatest asset – its human capital.  This 3-month, 6-month or one-year tailored consultations provide your staff with the skills and strategies necessary to maximize their potential and excel in their role within your organization. 

Excel and Exceed begins with a comprehensive 360 feedback report and personality assessment giving the coach and client a clear and concise ‘snapshot’ of the client’s current competencies and areas of development.  Client and organizational objectives, along with supplementary soft skills training, all combine to transform the client into an impact employee exceeding all expectations.  



  • Behavioral/Stress analysis report identifies the respondent’s everyday interpersonal style and gives insight into underlying motivations and needs.  Stress behaviors are identified allowing the coach and client to develop effective ways to improve workplace performance and reduce conflict

  • 360 Feedback report measures perception from co-workers on skills and behaviors across a number of pre-determined competencies

  • Excel and Exceed Action plan maps out the strategy and timelines to improve and build on the client’s competencies 

  • Supplementary skills training in leadership, self-awareness, personal performance, team effectiveness, emotional intelligence, and leadership

  • Face-to-face meetings

  • Ongoing phone or e-mail dialogue




  • Provides a clear understanding of how to maximum your work performance with tactical strategies. 

  • Identifies ‘gaps’ in perception from others and how it relates to work performance throughout the organization

  • Develops awareness and understanding of key leadership skills and principles

  • Challenges client’s commitment to exceed by setting goals and objectives

  • Provides client with a confidential and objective ‘outside’ advisor

  • Aligns individual with organizational strategy

  • Encourages a culture of self management

  • Encourages accountability and responsibility of individual’s performance

  • Reduces turnover and  improves retention of top performers

  • Commitment to invest in development reinforces with staff the desire for organizational excellence

Excel and Exceed
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