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The DNA of Highly Effective Teams

Imagine a team where the focus is on collective team results and team members hold each other accountable for performance.

DNA of Effectvie Teams

The DNA of Highly Effective Teams

Many teams rarely come close to tapping into the potential of their talent pool, and as a result, often fall short in achieving their desired results.  In today’s market, organizations can’t afford to waste potential and not meet their targets.

The DNA of Highly Effective Teams will provide leaders and team members with the skills and tools to ensure your team can operate at the highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency.  Maximizing potential and exceeding results is the hallmark of this high-impact program.

The DNA of Highly Effective Teams is a comprehensive program that combines foundational team effectiveness systems with leadership and personal performance concepts, backed by the latest resource tools in the areas of talent identification, team composition integrated software and team feedback and effectiveness surveys.

This program is customized to tackle the real-world challenges your team faces and leverage the collective strengths of each member.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Complete understanding of team theory and the key success factors of highly-effective teams

  • Skill development in leadership and performance concepts such as self-management, managing effort, conflict identification and resolution, commitment, accountability and exceeding results

  • Clear understanding of high performance and how to deal with performance challenges

  • Develop high-competency in leveraging the strengths of team members’ talents and experience

  • Maximize resource tools including; personality assessments, integrated inherent trait software to better understand team composition and coaching strategies, customized feedback and organizational effectiveness surveys

  • Development of performance standards and measurement

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