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At Brandon Taylor Consulting, (BTC), we help Define, Inspire and Transform individuals into top performers and teams into highly-effective machines. 

We specialize in aligning talent with organizational strategy.  As leadership, performance and success strategists, we provide organizations with a wide array of services that include all elements of talent identification & development, individual performance and team effectiveness.


The Challenge

Success starts and stops with individual and team performance.  It's that simple.  Yet often people and organizations like to complicate things.

We believe EFFORT is the key to getting results.  That's our focus and we have many ways to accomplish that.

Building on our 3 pillars of DefineInspire and Transform, Brandon Taylor Consulting assists organizations in all facets of talent development, individual and team effectiveness and aligning your human capital with organizational objectives.

Imagine what your organization would look like if everyone took

responsibility and accountability for their own performance.



Step One is to Define and understand the challenges and needs an organization or team faces.

Whether its talent identification, personal performance, or team effectiveness we offer a variety of services and programs  including:

  • ​   Personal performance and coaching

  •    Leadership development

  •    Team-building & effectiveness

  •    Workshop facilitation

  •    Talent identification and recruiting tools

  •    Effective communication

  •    Psychometric/Personality assessments

  •    360 Feedback surveys

  •    Organizational assessment and effective surveys

  •    Organizational design and development                             

From boardrooms to team building, from conferences to offsite retreats, how we develop and deliver our customized programs and services is what makes Brandon Taylor Consulting unique.


The greatest yardstick in measuring success will be the commitment level and effectiveness of your employees.

Here are some of our clients who have engaged us in helping them get to the next level of performance.



The Key to Success

Step Two is to Inspire our clients with the knowledge, training, coaching, resources and vision necessary to achieve success.


A shot of inspiration will go a long way to those who are committed to becoming a top performer.  Equiping individuals and teams with the skills, tools and techniques necessary to succeed is exactly what we do.

Humans are the only species on Earth

who don't maximize their potential. 


Our customized Leadership and Performance, Talent Management, Team Effectiveness and Development, and Coaching programs have helped countless clients and thousands of employees raise their game.


The Brand Within™, The DNA of Top Performers, The DNA of Highly Effective Teams, The 5 Dysfunctions

of a Team™,  Managing Effort-Getting Results, The Principles of Self Management, The Art and Science of Success  and our Leadership and Performance Coaching programs have been effectively implemented across all industry sectors.

You don’t want just an employee…you want talent that makes an impact!



Mindset into Results

Step Three is to Transform talent and organizational mindset into action and results.


Transforming an organization is an amazing accomplishment, but it doesn't happen overnight.  It can happen when the goals are clearly defined, your talent is engaged and inspired and when consistent standards and measurements are in place.

"There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in something, you only do it when it's  convenient.  When you're committed, you accept no excuses - only  results."  

~Ken Blanchard


At Brandon Taylor Consulting, our goal is to develop self-commitment within individuals and teams so their own expectations of performance are higher than those set by others. 


Unleashing the unlimited potential of your talent is easier than you think - let us show you the way.  

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