The Fundamentals of Performance Coaching

Managing Effort: Getting Results

The Fundamentals of Performance Coaching


  • ​to use the Performance Equation to assess and coach your people

  • to use the Effort Grid to better allocate time and resources

  • to coach for internal motivation 

  • to use a six step coaching process to gain commitment

  • to hold employees accountable and responsible

  • to have more effective coaching conversations

  • to make the shift from telling to asking

  • to implement the Managing Effort coaching system

  • to manage by effort rather than by results

  • to deal effectively with performance issues

  • to build self-confidence in others

  • to deal with high talent, low effort people




  • a performance coaching culture based on self-management

  • a coaching system that is effective, applicable and easy to implement

  • improved manager ROE (return on energy)

  • improved performance, results and retention

Also available:


  • Our Managing Effort: Getting Results textbook

  • The Management POP on-line self-assessment




  • webinars

  • practicums

  • one-on-one coaching

  • train-the-trainer

Managing Effort-Getting Results | The Fundamentals of Performance Coaching is stage one of a 3-stage coaching program.  Contact us for details.


Imagine getting people to do what they get paid to do!

Managing Effort: Getting Results is a performance coaching workshop for Executives, Directors, Managers and Front-line Supervisors.

This practical program is designed to help leaders and coaches improve performance and results through training, coaching and facilitating the development of their people as self-managers. It deals with the ultimate goal of management – the development of responsible, self-managing, individual performers.

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