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5Dysfunctions of a Team

The 5 Dysfunctions

of a TeamTM

Yes, You can Make Your Team Highly Functional 

Build a High Performing Team

Building a high performing team can be challenging at the best of times.  But with technology racing toward us at warp-speed and the work environment in constant change, aligning your human capital with team strategy can seem like an uphill battle…it doesn’t have to be.


Based on the best-selling book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni (The Table Group), this workshop will help your team avoid the potential of dysfunction and unleash the power of teamwork to overcome the obstacles that negate team effectiveness.


The causes of dysfunction are both identifiable and curable.  The remedy is here.


Workshop Learning Outcomes

Striving to create a functional, cohesive team is one of the few remaining competitive advantages available to any organization looking for a powerful point of differentiation.


The Five Dysfunctions of a Team workshop will provide participants with a multitude of learning outcomes including:

  •    Clear understanding of their team’s strengths and weaknesses in the 5 areas of dysfunction

  •    Practical strategies to avoid dysfunction and maintain  team cohesiveness

  •    Stronger self-awareness and team member’s preferred styles

  •    How to address difficult conversations and deliver performance based feedback

  •    The impact and benefits of performance measurement

  •    A stronger ability to open up and interact with team members

  •    A high-level understanding of how trust, conflict, commitment, accountability 
       and results are critical for personal and organizational success

  •    Renewed focus on team goals and objectives


All teams experience some level of dysfunction.  But, great teams have the ability to identify and rectify issues before they become BIG problems.  Regardless of your current level of effectiveness ALL teams know there's always room for improvement.

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