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Brand Within

Your Personal Brand IS Your Reputation.

Build it - Protect it.

The Brand Within

The Brand Within

The Brand Within is a highly engaging 2-hour group session, one-day workshop or multi-session program offering tips and strategies on branding yourself to maximize opportunities and create value for you, your company and your customers.  

This program triggers a new perspective as people apply the branding principles of the world’s top brands to themselves.

Aligning your human resources with the values and goals of your organization, combined with key understandings of personal branding and differentiation, is essential for success in today’s competitive marketplace.  

Great for in-house training sessions, seminars, conferences and off-site meetings.


The Brand Withinis customized to meet the exact needs and challenges of the organization as well as creating an road map to improve your personal brand.


  • Branding 101 – How corporations create Top Brands

  • People brands – How people become brands

  • Aligning your personal brand with your organization's mission, vision and values

  • 5-Step Strategy to Building Your Own brand – How to develop, create and become a top-performing brand

  • Benefits of personal branding


  • Creates a clear understanding of how ‘personal branding’ impacts every element of the work environment  

  • Develops a better sense of ‘oneself’ while still aligning with corporate values, goals and objectives

  • Reinforces how ‘perception is reality’

  • Creates an understanding of the impact of ‘derailing your brand’

  • Creates a sense of accountability and ownership of one’s own career.

  • Focuses on the ‘you’, with positive results on the ‘we’.

  • Reinforces the importance of strong leadership principles

  • Stresses how organizational and team success fuels personal opportunities

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