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The Brand Within presentation to our management staff truly provided a welcome basis for self-improvement.  In the middle of all the chaos, it was refreshing to step back and realize we are all masters of our own destiny through the way we portray ourselves and the way we look at challenges. Re-affirming that our own values are in alignment with those of the organization is a good measure of fit, but being perceived to 'live' those values is the true test of integrity.  As leadership staff we can inspire as we release this self-awareness.

Brad Randall / President and CEO / Norfolk Power

The essence of the The Brand Within resonated with me the first time Marc and Gerald presented it to us. Seeing it in action and watching our staff positively connect to the messages within the presentation made me feel that we would start to see staff buy-in to the forward focused changes we are trying to make as an organization.  I think the needle has moved since the presentation and people are still talking about the take-aways from the session which is great! 

Linda Andross / President / APEX Public Relations

I consider myself privileged to have attended Gerald's MagNet 2010 presentation of The Art & Science of Success. It was one of the most insightful and inspiring talks I had ever been to. The way Gerald broke down that daunting subject of success into easy and accomplish-able parts left you feeling empowered and enlightened. I left confident and knew exactly how to get to where I wanted to be. His approach is direct but not bullish and combined with his personality you couldn't help but feel the same excitement and enthusiasm he effortless displayed in his seminar. I'll warn you now, his energy is very contagious! I left the room that day practically floating on air and wishing to hold on to the inspiration and motivation his seminar had left me with. If you are thinking about one of Gerald's seminars, stop hesitating and DO IT. Honestly, it will be something you wish you had done a lot earlier.

Dawne Marie Shonfield / Graphic Designer

What a refreshing outlook!  "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."  And this is precisely how Gerald made me look at my brand.  The Brand Within is not your standard program, nor your standard topic:  quite important, yet often mistreated.  The way Gerald presented the material triggers your emotional intelligence to realize how you are portrayed by your peers, and the importance it is to You.  The Brand Within makes you aware of your brand, your values and awakes your inner 'greatness' by inspiring and helping you define your own goals - personally and professionally.

Taleen Dakran / Project Manager, Information Services / Direct Energy

Annually, I develop and run a Risk Management Conference attended by senior executives and Board members who work within Ontario's electricity sector. In 2009, I engaged Gerald as our opening keynote speaker for this event. One of my objectives was to provide delegates with an experience that didn't leave them feeling 'been there, done that'. Gerald understood my imperatives and committed his support to ensuring this would be accomplished via 'The Brand Within' workshop.

Although I've certainly worked with other Speakers who claim they're happy to 'customize' their presentation to your sector, Gerald actually delivered. We had numerous face to face and telephone meetings to finesse the presentation/emphasis/examples/flow. I was extremely sensitive to ensuring we created an experience that demonstrated to the delegates the Speaker understood both their business and their issues.

In our post event delegate survey, Gerald's session garnered the highest evaluations of all sessions that ran over the course of our three day Conference. I'd highly recommend Gerald as a Consultant and Speaker who is truly committed to designing a conference experience that will be both memorable and one of a kind. 

Andrea Dale / Vice-President Marketing and Client Services / The MEARIE Group

The Brand Within presentation was really refreshing.  It made me think about my life and how I can continue to improve my personal brand.  It provided insight into the impact that you can have, and provoked thoughts on how you can reach your true potential.  Just applying some simple branding principles can make a world of difference.  I left the session feeling energized, and looking forward to making the most of every moment.

Jennifer Botterill / Canadian Women’s Hockey Team / 5-time World Champion

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